Quality Control

5 ways to ensure our customers get the best results when customizing their product

1. Determine Display Fixtures Quantities

Store layout planning design will not only optimize customer traffic flow and enhance the shopping experience, but also provide to determine all the final display fixtures items and quantities for each retail store projects.

2. In-house Full Inspection

Before each joinery project is packed and shipped, we will assemble all the joinery furniture according to the final layout planning design or 3D rendering, it is a crucial process in the factory that simulates the installation operation before the customer’s installation. The quality testing/inspection is controllable with the pre-installation process in house, and the installation or quality problems will be predicted in advance, we aim to solve the problems before packing and delivery, as well as provide customers with a tested installation manual.

The key point of pre-installation process

3. Strong and Safe Packaging for Delivery

We take care of all the logistics to provide you with a worry-free, hassle-free delivery of your custom display fixtures and installation components. Each item is carefully packaged to ensure that each piece arrives safe and sound.

1. Stretch Wrap

2. Corner Protector

2. Corner Protector

3. Foam Wrap

4. Bubble Wrap

5. Plywood Box with Pallet

4. Feedback after delivery of display fixtures

SUPER U always do our best to hand over the projects with full responsibility, not only the display fixtures quality control but also the packaging method with a high security level. Before loading the container, we will take photos and videos of each item to send to customers to confirm. If customers will visit Guangzhou or arrange for designated personnel to do the inspection, you are always welcome at any time.

5. Project Quality Guarantee

Shipping by sea or air is an uncontrollable factor, if there is any damage caused during the transportation, even if it’s a low probability event, or caused during the installation, we will actively respond and work out the solutions accordingly.

Please prepare appropriate photos/videos of the damage or defects of the joinery and contact the SUPER U sales consultant. We will provide appropriate solutions after an internal meeting and analysis.

Quality Guarantee for Display Fixtures

Warranty period: 3 months-6 months after receiving the cargo, on the premise of no man-made damage, please contact our sales consultant, we promise the solutions will be submitted within 1-3 days.

LED lighting, Hardware, Graphics and etc

Warranty period: One year after receiving the cargo.

After-sales Service Network

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