Super U Modularity

Super U Modularity is at the heart of our SUModular ERD(Electrified Retail Display) products.
SUModular ERD (Electrified Retail Display) brings the light of day to your merchandise, which empowers you to reshape your traditional retail ways of product display. The deeper customized ERD system makes your merchandise be individually displayed with full lux levels then come alive without any shadow line, while opens up more options and solutions for your retail interiors and merchandise displays with numerous random combinations of relevant accessories.
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Tube A30 ERD

Be individually illuminated without shadows

The original intention of the design is to allow full high lux level light-sensing flexibility with traditional gondolas and wall bay displays.

Your merchandise will come alive without any shadow lines. The system has numerous accessories with LED lighting embedded in each component. The adjustable electrified shelves and rails freely highlight all merchandise perfectly with never before seen or achievable superior merchandise presentation.

Tube B30 ERD

Make every detail more vivid

Our Modular system opens up numerous random combinations for amazing merchandise displays. The design of the electrified tube system make the advantages of modularity shop fitting superior in every way.

No longer just simply displaying goods under general lighting, with the new ERD system all merchandise will be individually displayed with full lux levels to all merchandise. No more shadows, no more dimly lit merchandise.

ERD has fully adjustable accessories allowing complete flexibility for all merchandise. Seamlessly integrating the trendy poster light box and fixtures with no visible wires and no compromised flexibility. The light box can be moved anywhere across the system.

Vertical Twin Profile ERD

Move the trendy poster freely

Vertical Twin Profile makes displaying merchandise easier and allows full freedom. It can flexibly match with the back panel or be visibly mounted onto the wall in any combination preferences according to our customers’ requirements, opening up more options and solutions for retail interiors and merchandise displays. Poster light boxes at the point of maximum impact. Announcing new product launches along with increasing the display range choice of point of sale.

2 Sides Post ERD

Be your unique central partition

2 Sides Post provides a variety of options for displaying goods and store layout. ERD can be displayed both one-sided and double-sided. ERD highlights the merchandise while separating the store space…lending the system to more than just a wall bay system but that of an isle and merchandise divider.

Power Line ERD

Light the colorful backboard

Power Line brings diversification design into wall displays and puts more focus on the merchandise. The various colors and textures of back panel with misplaced splice options let the customized displays be a part of retail store interiors- This in turn allows for a multiple art and advertising atmosphere.

Extensive electrified accessories embedded into the invisible power lines allow changing merchandise displays and decorative highlights. The back panels fitted with clips can be removed and replaced at any time.

ERD has an Innovative choice of eco-friendly back panel materials, 70% lighter than MDF, while using longer (over 6 years). The anti-scratch surface is completely moisture-proof and waterproof, and its pattern is more textured. It can be widely used for more commercial space display with lower cost, such as office and showroom.

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