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The Covid-19 has changed the way we work and the way we live, no matter whether we’re willing. If you still suffer the brand shop image update issue, suggest you read this article seriously, it can give you a hand to short your workload, never separately finding a design company or store fixtures manufacturer.

Because we’re a professional customized shopfitting company to provide store interior design and display racks bulk production, even offer turnkey service for certain regions.

Just need you to offer the refurbished or new shop floor plan and main products ratio for our reference to customize fixtures to fit your shop. It’s better if have prefer brand fixtures style and colors, which will give our professional designers a hand to confirm the design idea and rough design direction.

Then approve the space planning and fixtures layout design, next is 3D rendering. You will get the fixtures layout plan firstly with exact furniture reference pictures, then we start to make the 3D rendering design included ceiling and flooring decoration based on the approved layout. And it’s better to send us your brand or logo file, to let the 3D design more vivid and lifelike.

Meanwhile, you’ll receive professional detailed technical drawings that ensure the bulk production moves smoothly. You view all structures of per fixture item, to check the dimensions, selected materials, colors, even the surface coating. Then the order can be arranged into the production schedule to manufacture under our over 215,000 sqft timber and metal workshop with modern facility.

And we’ll offer a project timeline for your reference, to better arrange the project plan. Are you touched? Action now.