For over 40 years, as a leader and innovator in hockey equipment industry, iHockey has provided innovative hockey equipment including: sticks, gloves, pads, helmets, skates, bags and apparel, inspiring players to be their best and empowering hockey communities across the globe.

Cooperation background / Solutions for customers

iHockey is our intimate partner in retail store interior design and fixture production, they always pursuit a strong sense of technology and linear, and definitely cool texture in their shops; meanwhile select different color light strips to distinguish their various products items.

Considering the exact product, we choose the overall black, white and gray as store color theme, to create a unified design style and ice-like cold high-grade space atmosphere. The clothing,helmet and glove display cabinet integrated the stainless steel chamfer edge elements appear to have a more high-grade metallic sense, while the cool backlight better relieve the display show of products. The shoe rack is simple and stylish, distinguishing different series of merchandise by different colors of luminous light strips; and the shoe holder uses a white acrylic to mimic the scene of the ice so that the shoe appears to be stepping on the ice. The midfield sofa is integrated with the display, with simple lines alternating and parallel steps forming a simple and generous space.Meanwhile the experience area allows customers to see the full display of the products in reality to enhance their purchase desire.

Our design owns functionality allows to adjust the components to display various hockey merchandise, has commerciality to display deeply the characteristics of the goods, moreover it’s easy to mass produce with a combination, diversity, to meet customer display needs.

Services Provided

3D Rendering Shop Interior Design

Shop Fittings Design

Shop Fittings Manufacturing

Shop Fittings List

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