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Cooperation background / Solutions for customers

This customer contact with us by sending messages on our official WhatsApp, they were attracted by one of our sports equipment stores project in Montreal, Canada,

That store concept was made with powder coating metal, with 30% of the area for sports experience and 70% for the retail area. We knew none of their competitors run an experience store, Therefore, we strongly suggested to add an experience area in the shop. To improve the shopping experience, catch more eyes, and boost sales.

We went into the next step of design ideas and the cost estimation for bulk production.

The main material is powder coating metal in matt black color, modular design makes all accessories convenient to assemble and change, such as shelves, hanging rail, fact-out, sidebar, etc. Chris Sports sell an enormous variety of different products, the accessories need to be adjusted frequently, the modular design works and helps them to save time as well as products placed neatly.

Services Provided

3D Rendering Shop Interior Design

Shop Fittings Manufacturing

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