Motor Trend

Overview: Established over decade, Motor trend mainly operate motor merchandises, provides customers high quality and various products in more than 10 stores.

Services: Budget Evaluation, Space Planning Design, 3D Rendering Interior Design and Shopfitting Manufacturing

Cooperation background / Solutions for customers

Cooperated with Motor Trend 3 years ago, we provided the whole store 3D interior design and shopfitting manufacturing. Our finest works got clients applause, he contacted us to help him to refurbish 2 stores with new brand image this year.

However in view of the tight project schedule, we directly optimized the unit items to quote then bulk production in our full sets equipment workshop, to save the time for 3D rendering design process.

The new brand design adopts wall metal stand display instead of wall mounted display, all gondolas add wheels to move freely and conveniently. And considered client launches new products and do promotion activity frequently, all displays were designed to increase the AD poster insert point, to better show the latest trendy new products and promoted info; meanwhile it allows client to change it freely because of the insert design.

Client is satisfied by this new brand image, and now were discussing with client about the other stores renovate projects.

Services Provided

3D Rendering Shop Interior Design

Shop Fittings Manufacturing

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