Established over decade, Ocean7 is a local fishing brand that includes almost all merchandises of fishing industry.

Cooperation background / Solutions for customers

The client operates the previous 4 stores over decade, but without any professional and unified interior design. So he wants the current new flagship store to be decorated by a new brand image. He learned we provide one-stop service for store fixtures from shop interior design to display racks final manufacture by Alibaba.

After further communication, we found the friendly environment and sustainable development are Ocean7’s core culture, then we chose the natural wood color & ocean element into the design, such as rudder, boat shape counter. And add wheels into garments display gondola, then client can move random and conveniently.

Meanwhile, we selected melamine as the wooden color material, since it better control the cost while not impact the final shop design and image.

Our finest works got client’s applause, and he plans to refurbish the previous stores with this new brand image in 2021.

Services Provided

3D Rendering Shop Interior Design

Mass Production

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