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It was a boutique project we have done in 2016, Mr. Metin, The Founder of Classique, contacted us on our website with messages that he will renovate the existing shop. we took 2 weeks for collecting the photos and floor plan of the shop, as well as a thorough discussion regarding how to improve the shopfitting and create a brand-new image. 

Mr. Metin prefers stainless steel material rose gold color, however it’s too monotonous if there is only one material in a shop. We consider adding one more material that applies to the cashier desk. that is vintage veneered wood finishing.  

In the whole shop design, the wall shelving system and gondola display are made with galvanized stainless steel in rose gold color, the electric bulb as highlight and decoration, flexible installation as well. 

Another reason why we make SHS shelving system is to save more shipping cost. All of the metalwork is flat-packed completely to minimize the packing volume to save shipping costs. 

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Ladies' Clothing Store Design

On-site Photo

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