Happy Kid

Design Requirements

Because Happy Kid‘s original shelves are heavier, commercial agents need to provide a higher shipping price, the brand requires us to keep the new shelf style unchanged, reduce the weight of the original shelf by 50%. As the new image has dozens of single items, the development time is tight and the difficulty is high, which is a great challenge for the design and production team of Super U.

Super U designers need to redesign the shelf structure and find alternative weight-reducing materials to create a shelf that matches Happy Kid’s global terminal image.

Customer’s Feedback

From September 2017, Super U’s design and production team and Happy Kid started the cooperation going from the consultation, submission of shelf design, determination of the shelf process scheme, production of technical drawings to sampling and production run, the entire process lasted half a year, and the sampling stage was finished in March 2018 and started the cooperation of large-scale production run in June 2018.

Happy Kid’s manager, Ivy Chu, praised the professional and efficient execution of Super U’s design and production team during the cooperation process.

Since the start of the cooperation, Super U has helped 10% of Happy Kid’s global distributors and retailers to refurbish it’s stores with the new display racks, and the remaining 90% of refurbishes is expected to be complete in the next 2-3 years.

Services Provided

Kid's Store Interior Design​

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