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This client was given our contact information by another client who was in the fashion apparelretail area in Ghana and worked with us for a 200sqm store project in 2014.

In the consultation, Mr.Tristin, store development manager described the storeproblem, most of the display stands they were using is supermarket shelving,which is in standard sizes and looks ponderous. Mr. Tristin was thinking about the products they are selling are good enough, If they improved the shop image with high-end looks then it must be helpful for boosting sales.

Paradoxically they have a limited budget on this store project as they want to test it. Ifthe response is positive they will start the roll-out of storedevelopment.  

The new designwas worked out with an obvious brand character, MDF in 2-pac painting bluecolor as decoration to extend their existing store image, the main color to bein white painting MDF, which looks high-class with a longer lifespan.

More importantall the joinery was designed with flexible accessories, such as adjustable glass shelves, hooks, etc, as we are clear that an enormous variety of different medicines will be display in their stores. We create a more convenient and suitable display system for them.

Services Provided

3D Interior Design

3D Walkthrough Video

3D Interior Design

Blue Color Design

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