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This customer found us on our website by sending messages to our company WhatsApp. Mr. Francisco, the owner of Natural Health stores, just signed the leasing contract and got the floor plan from the landlord.

Mr.Francisco hasn’t sourced store fixtures from China, he was quite worried about the cost and leading time. We did a company presentation and help him make clear how to work with us, for removing his doubts, we did a budget evaluation with estimated cost bases on the shop images he like, then start design consultation after the cost range was approved.  

We understood what Mr.Francisco expected to create in the shop after he submitted the design questionnaire. He prefers something natural, simple and healthy, store fixtures need to be functional with good performance of storing.  

The design elements are oak veneer as the main tone, match green plant and graphic as decoration color,4000K neutral spotlighting and LED lighting. 
90% Material is oak veneered MDF with varnish on the surface, keeping natural wood feeling as well as make it more durable and anti-scratch. 10% Matt black powder coating metal as wall shelving frame which required strong stability. 

So far we have work with Mr. Francisco for over 5 stores in the past two years. 

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3D Interior Design

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