Amazing Jewelry

Amazing Jewelry – the Price Revolution. Hundreds of new, trendy and classic jewelry in .925 Sterling Silver, Gold- and Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver designs in cool, fresh and cutting edge jewelry stores. Prices from 10 USD/EUR. We take our customers and products seriously – no middlemen, no extra costs, just jewelry from production facility to the store. The future of the jewelry business? We believe so :)

Cooperation background / Solutions for customers

At the very beginning,our project specialist had close contact with the Amazing Jewelry Team in Headquarters Denmark.

In 2016, a new store project was launched in Beijing, our contact info was given to Mr.Jimmy, Store development manager in Amazing Jewelry China.

After we review the 3D renderings and drawings, the design looks nice however we found some tiny structural and material problems. In the next two days, we make overall testing and concept design improvement before quotation cost estimation. For example, we use Corian that with better ability of anti-scratch, instead of artificial stone, on the tabletop of the rings display showcases.

We caught the deadline of the store open by speeding up the production as well as keep the high standard, we completed production in 20 days and the full inspection took 2 days, we did pre-installation in-house before delivery.

We provided installation service and store maintaining for Beijing and Shenzhen stores that we have done in the past few years.

Services Provided

3D Interior Design

Store Display Furniture Manufacturing


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