Unico Jewelry is a privately owned but fast-growing Jewelry brand in Germany, Born in 2017 and so far there are more than 20 stores across Germany.

Cooperation background / Solutions for customers

The founder of Unico Jewelry, Mr.Morgan, found us at Alibaba by sending messages on Trade Manager. After exchanging the contact information we had teleconferencing with Mr.Morgan and listen to his requirements on shop design and the timeframe of the project. 

It’s an open space in a shopping mall with only one wall and column, we plan to make a faked wall (Painting MDF material ) and glass panel to connect the right side of two walls. the shop area is small, space-saving should be taken into our consideration, for the column, we make 4 sides MDF panel surround the column to put lighting box, mirror and display frame. 

The main material and surface finishing is 2-pac painting MDF in black color, 10mm clear tempered glass showcases with LED lighting. It’s a classic shop design for jewelry products, presentable, elegant with a stable personality shop image to match Unico’s culture.  

Services Provided

3D Rendering Interior Design

Mass Production

On-site Photo

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