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In 2015, Mr.Ahmad, the owner of the brand, visited our showroom in Baiyun district. The main purpose of his Guangzhou trip was to seeking a trustworthy shopfitting supplier for their renovation project in a shopping mall.

With a short rent-free period from the mall, Mr.Ahmad only had 45 days to finish the new design and display fixtures manufacturing.

For saving more time, we gave Mr.Ahmad a design questionnaire to fill in, which including brand culture, positioning, product percentages, main customers, competitors, materials, and etc. It will help us confirm the design direction and avoid overturning design and start from zero.

The kid clothing are always colorful, our design team decided to make it simple white color and cheerful feeling in the shop, to make consumer focus on the clothing and improve the shopping experience, that was like an amusement park.

All things going well during production, the customers are happy with and the final effect of the whole store, we got the positive feedback from Mr.Ahmad and we looking for the next project.

Services Provided

Baby Boutique Store Design

Shopfitting Design & Manufacturing

On-site Photo

Shop Fittings List

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