Molly's Jewelers

Molly’s Jewelers is one of the most trusted names in jewelry and committed to making every customer feel at home with its personalized service and extensive variety of well-priced quality fine jewelry.

Cooperation background / Solutions for customers

The retailing space design company for Molly’s contacted us to help them to solve the metal part furniture manufacturing because of the local strict environmental rules. We deeply discussed the structure of full vision jewelry glass showcase, then updated certain details to make it more perfect and proper.

As you see, the central circled shape showcase is designed by gold stainless steel and ultra white glass. Our manufacturer own the eco-friendly environmental certification, so we can guaranteed the production and quality of the electroplated metal part. And considering the shape, dimensions and installation position of glass showcase, we tempered the large arc glass part to ensure its safety and quality.

The final showcases were totally produced and installed as 3D design.

Services Provided

3D Rendering Interior Design

Mass Production

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