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It was a shopping mall store project started in 2015, The company of The LSN Health have fast store development and require store joinery production in a short time, 20~25 days for production and 15 days for sea shipping. 
We took this project as the top priority and finally catch the deadline.

Even though the project was completed well however it seems that we didn’t solve the essential questions. That’s how to help clients with faster store developments to save rent.  
Eventually, we worked out the modular display systems, the display fixtures such as cashier desk, gondola, wall shelving display, window display, etc, were design with standard sizes, we produced and stock in our warehouse, when the client found the new location, they just need to send us floor plan for us to make layout planning, and production will be started one layout was confirmed.

This solution help client with faster store development, shorten the project time and saving rent.

Services Provided

3D Interior Design

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