Design Requirements

The customer prefers golden plated stainless steel for their display racks, we had just made display racks for an Australian Menswear store, which the customer really liked and wanted to make a similar display rack, wooden shoes cabinet + golden frame + glass shelves, gold and black as main colors.

If we use this style for the whole store, it may exceed the customers budget, we improved the design of the entire window display on the left side of the store taking as reference the customer’s product to develop the new displays, instead of using a traditional shelf cabinet we changed it entirely with AA columns, so that the store’s display can be switched at will with shelves or hanging bars. We managed to get the final result the customer wanted without exceeding their budget.

Customer’s Feedback

The customer sent a video of the whole store immediately after the installation, they like the finish of the whole store, at the same time, they have also received favorable comments from different parties. The customer said that they will buy or display racks again soon to refurbish their existing stores using this new design.

Services Provided

Mass Production

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