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It was the first time that the customer made kiosk in China, while they spent more money making kiosk locally in Germany for the previous kiosk. 

E-Cigarette has its design after we checking the spec of the kiosk, there are uncertain structure and components, such as the lack of kick plate will lead the damages at the bottom of showcases.  

After the kiosk details are approved, the customers are looking for help regarding the laminate wood certification, as per the strict policy from the shopping mall in Germany. Besides, The customer requires the flat-panel display monitors to be embedded into the showcases, which means that we need to purchase the FPD with accurate parameters and dimensions and then figure out the embedded structure on the showcases.

We improve the showcase’s structure and explained to the customers with revised detailed technical drawings, then start bulk production after approval. 

In a manner of speaking, this first kiosk project took both of us a lot of time in the run-in period, but It will be a worthy thing if the project feedback is good. Fortunately, the kiosk is perfect look after installation, laminate material test is qualified and the embedded flat-panel display solution works. 

The next 5 kiosks production is much more smooth as all things are done in the first project. 

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