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Client found us from our official website by google and told us plan to remodel its current office. We discussed further about this office floor plan and confirmed the main products ratio & function area, then provided the fashion new interior 3D design as below:

Layout: the whole store is divided into 3 main area: exhibition area, live streaming area and office area. And our designer selected pink as basic design color to match various high-end merchandises.

Details: we offered the updated design from many details, such as the led lighting tempered glass lockable wall display shelves, the bottom storage part of wall cabinet and gondolas increased the stock function. The large logo brand on top of wall display can deepen the brand impression to all visitors.

“Office looks good, your team did a great job!” – the best award for our team, freely contact us for more.

Services Provided

3D Live Streaming Studio Interior Design

Mass Production

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